The Comprehensive Guide to EMDR Self-CoachingThe Comprehensive Guide to EMDR Self-Coaching

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Flexible eye movements

There are strong indications that there is a relationship between the flexibility of our eye movements and our emotional adaptability. According to observations of people who are stuck in solidified or impulsive emotions their eyes are moving slowly and jerkily. Flowing changes in eye position are rare. Their eyes follow a stimulation stimulus that slides back and forth quickly, only in abrupt jumps.

Thanks to rapid eye movement stimulation using the REMSTIM 3000, the eye movements noticeably become softer and finally follow the stimulation stimulus without problems – even at high speed. Similarly, the emotional flexibility can positively change. The ability of our eyes to move quickly (again), improves the chance of being able to emotionally adapt to new situations. The relaxing stimulation effects follow noticeably faster upon repeated use of the REMSTIM 3000. The correlations between rapid eye movements and the dissolving of emotional stress was observed and studied during the development of the EMDR method 20 years ago. Rapid eye movements are also the basis of EMDR intervention.

Even high requirements seem less stressful and with regular use of the REMSTIM 3000 often give way to a exceptionally relaxed new capacity of action.

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