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Rapid-Eye-Movement Stimulation

EMDR Intervention - Rapid Eye Movement Stimulation
Rapid eye movements. Almost all do it, night after night, when sleep takes over our bodies and we move from the deep sleep phase into a more shallow sleep phase. This is the REM phase when our eyes are moving back and forth restlessly to create mental peace. It is believed that it is these rapid eye movements during sleep that help us process the experiences of the day and store them into our memories. Both beautiful and joyful events as well as challenging life moments are thus integrated into our brain structures. Miraculously. Mind and body usually thus find the required relaxation for the day to come. We wake up refreshed and ready to face another day. Usually, anyway.

But what happens when we are overwhelmed by the kinds of experiences that involve us to such an extent that we can recover only slowly from their memory?

In such cases, we feel ill at ease. We begin to doubt ourselves and our abilities. We then spend the night awake, brooding and pondering about possible solutions or a way out. Our ability to perform is thus reduced. We feel mentally exhausted.

Rapid eye movement stimulation, also called visual bilateral hemisphere stimulation, can help reduce tension and calm overactive emotions in many cases. To help the swirl of thoughts stop. To give you a soothing feeling of inner peace and serenity. Then, as if on their own, new options and alternative solutions appear in our mind. (Stimulation effects of EMDR)

REMSTIM 3000 has been specifically developed to provide visual bilateral hemisphere stimulation which simulates REM sleep where the user’s eyes begin to move back-and-forth rapidly even in the waking state. This type of intervention has been known since the late 1980s as EMDR.

REMSTIM 3000 EMDR Coaching device
During and after bilateral hemisphere stimulation, intense feelings might arise that may be perceived as burdensome. This is a possible sign that the client is reliving moments the memories of which may have repeatedly led to strong emotional reactions in similar situations. It is believed that bilateral hemisphere stimulation may result in a sustained processing of past negative experiences. This processing can make it possible for positive emotions to be experienced when the client encounters similar situations in the future.

Gradually we develop self-regulating relaxation mechanisms that allow us to reacquire the ability to convert day-to-day challenges into remembered experiences that can be used positively in the future. Continuous support from visual bilateral hemisphere stimulation using the REMSTIM 3000 helps facilitate this process in everyday life.

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