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Stimulating effects of EMDR

Stimulating effects of EMDRThe positive effects for use in self-coaching that may result from EMDR using the REMSTIM 3000 as described here are only sample results. The reaction of each user may be different:

Shortly before an application, the matter on the client’s mind may be overwhelming and make him or her feel out of control. It may sometimes require considerable effort to move towards a liberating stimulation. Because at times the issue preoccupies and influences the client’s free will and desire for relaxation.

The first application of rapid eye movement stimulation especially with the REMSTIM 3000 can in many cases quickly unleash the beneficial effects of stimulation known from coaching methods such as EMDR.

While the client’s eyes are still following the light signals, several things can happen almost simultaneously:

  • Thoughts of mental images can almost always be averted. They fade and lose their threatening dimension. The client feels a comfortable distance from them and less involved.
  • The matter begins to appear in a new positive light. Clients begin to evaluate individual situations and themselves in a less critical, friendlier manner.
  • Spontaneous associations appear before the mind’s eye and allow the client to form positive reinterpretations unlike any seen before. Even beliefs that appeared unchangeable and had previously only evoked rejection can take on neutral and even affirmative aspects.
  • Emotions transform and many clients begin to feel the negative physical sensations as they leave the original spot where they were first perceived. They then travel through the body and are transformed. Ultimately, they end up in deep relaxation where they finally dissolve away.
  • The body expresses its gratitude for this transformation with a sense of liberation as it stretches and (once again) can breathe freely. The body lets us yawn, smile, grin, and even laugh. And sometimes even cry, but only to have it end in a feeling of relaxation and calm.
These effects usually occur during the first few applications with the REMSTIM 3000.

And the effects can continue even after the stimulations are stopped:

  • The issue fades even further such that you might have to remind yourself of it and wonder why just recently you had thought of nothing else. The issue is not forgotten, but perhaps it will now no longer be important enough to let it overwhelm you. Solutions and actions, if still necessary, will now be easier.
Finally, it can lead to after-effects during the sleep that follows. Usually REM sleep (once again) takes on the function of the rapid eye movement stimulation simulated in the client’s waking state and thus continues the abreaction of emotional memories that may trouble the client.

The night will be filled with vivid dreams, but the client will awaken the next morning feeling particularly fresh and rested.

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