The Comprehensive Guide to EMDR Self-CoachingThe Comprehensive Guide to EMDR Self-Coaching

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CIPBS – Conflict Imagination, Painting and Bilateral Stimulation with EMDR-Glasses REMSTIM 3000

The CIPBS format is also ideal for self-coaching. In this case topics of an everyday nature are dealt with exclusively.

The simple and effective CIPBS technique has been developed by the psychologist Christa Diegelmann. Then the format is preferably used when working with traumas.

I recommend not working on topics which the user attributes a value of more than -3 on the scale of subjective disturbance, but placing yourself in the hands of a professional coach.

EMDR-Self-Coaching in 6 Steps with REMSTIM 3000

I am introducing the CIPBS technique here, because it is a helpful variation of the EMDR self-coaching method in 6 steps. The use of REMSTIM 3000 EMDR glasses is extremely beneficial.

There are EMDR, KIP and painting therapy approaches.


CIPBS - Conflict imagination, painting and bilateral stimulation mit der EMDR-Brille REMSTIM 3000If you want to use CIPBS alone, you will need coloured pencils and a sheet of paper in addition to the EMDR Glasses REMSTIM 3000. A flip-chart sheet is also recommended. I personally prefer using a DIN A4 or DIN A3 sheet, as then my drawing does not have to be so large.

Fold the sheet 3 times by folding it lengthwise in the middle, and then fold it crosswise twice at 1/3 and 2/3. When unfolded, the sheet should have 6 fields through the fold.

Sit at a place of your choice, where you are alone and undisturbed, with the crayons and sheet of paper. Now the process can begin.

Self-coaching process:

Think of a topic of your choice; choose one that makes you uncomfortable. This is your starting point. Evaluate your subjective discomfort on the scale from -10 to +10, and note the value.

EMDR-Self-Coaching in 6 Steps with REMSTIM 3000

Now, concentrate on the stressful situation or most unpleasant thought, whichever best reflects your initial theme, and look for a picture in your head. (Step 1 of EMDR self-coaching)

Begin to paint this inner picture, whatever you see, into the first of the 6 fields. Your painting skills will not be judged, it doesn’t matter what it looks like, even if it seems a little childish. Just see what you paint. Use the colours to reproduce your inner picture. If your inner view is black, then that’s the way it is.

If you feel like you have painted everything for the moment, then stop and look at your picture. Think about your emotion and then look for a physical sensation. (Steps 2 and 3 of EMDR Self-Coaching)

If you have now become aware of your emotion as well as your body sensation, put the REMSTIM EMDR 3000 glasses on, start them up, and follow the light stimulus with your eyes (Step 4 of EMDR self-coaching). After the first set, you can start a second time, then take off your glasses.

The fourth step of EMDR self-coaching is repeated now. Think again about your initial topic and paint a new second picture in the next free box on your sheet, which corresponds to your current inner picture. Remember, there is no right or wrong, beautiful or ugly. Whatever you paint is what you paint, and that’s what it’s all about. It can just be strokes, coloured areas or something else. What is important is that it is yours; that it comes from you.

Finish when you feel that you don’t want to add anything more. Look at your second picture.

Now remember your emotion, and then search for the physical sensation. If you find it, intervene with EMDR using the REMSTIM 3000. Put on the glasses, start them, and let them run through completely once or twice.

Repeat the process until you have painted all 6 pictures:

Go back to the initial theme: paint your third picture, perceive your emotions and body sensations again, put on the REMSTIM 3000 and carry out the bilateral stimulation.

Repeat this process for the fourth, fifth and sixth pictures. In front of you now is your sheet of paper, with six pictures.

CIPBS - Conflict imagination, painting and bilateral stimulation mit der EMDR-Brille REMSTIM 3000

If you are now thinking about your initial topic, and you could now summarise your first positive thought in one sentence, what would it be?

Write it down: _______________________

Read your positive sentence again, then put on the EMDR Glasses REMSTIM 3000 and start a set with a large range of eye movements (with the eyes led all the way out) and slowest speed (step 6 of EMDR self-coaching).

Now rate your initial theme on the scale of subjectivity from -10 to +10. Note down the value.

EMDR-Self-Coaching in 6 Steps with REMSTIM 3000

The value should have changed for the better, and should represent your inner feelings.

REMSTIM 3000 helps you coping with stress, sorrow and emotional pressure
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