The Comprehensive Guide to EMDR Self-CoachingThe Comprehensive Guide to EMDR Self-Coaching

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EMDR-Self-Coaching in 6 Steps with REMSTIM 3000

On the following pages you will find a quick start guide, which will allow you to optimally use REMSTIM 3000. Using REMSTIM 3000 in 6 steps will help provide you with careful training with regard to certain matters and issues that are a burden for you emotionally and mentally.

Please note that with some issues and matters that involve you in a particular way, it may be advisable to contact a coach or therapist who you trust. Read the important information about this issue.

You will be asked to estimate the extent of your subjective sensations percieved while you coach yourself with EMDR and the REMSTIM 3000 using the scale shown below.

EMDR-Self-Coaching in 6 Steps with REMSTIM 3000

The values -10 to +10 represent the extent of your subjective sensations when you find yourself confronted (or imagine this confrontation) with your personal subject you are dealing with.

-10 represents an extremely negative and stressful emotional and / or mental state.


0 on the other hand, the center signaled emotional and / or mental neutrality.


+10 represents the most relaxed, happiest and most capable state, which you can experience emotionally and mentally.

While coaching yourself with EMDR select a scale value quickly and spontaneously. There is no right or wrong, but only your personal estimation of how you feel at the moment.

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