The Comprehensive Guide to EMDR Self-CoachingThe Comprehensive Guide to EMDR Self-Coaching

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1. Step of EMDR Self-Coaching: Determine Your Subject

  • What moves you the most at this moment?
  • What kind of thoughts are burdening you currently? What is the most unpleasant image, the most unpleasant sentence?
  • What´s on your mind?
  • Concentrate on the idea, the situation, the thing, the image, the phrase, etc. that burdens you the most!

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Helpful tips:

Determine your subject while you coach yourself with EMDR

It is worthwhile to take some time to be clear about your topic. Certainly it is possible to perform EMDR and in particular the fast eye movements without a specific focus. The REMSTIM 3000 just invites you to hold an EMDR self-coaching session for mental hygiene even without great stress. 2-3 times 30 seconds with the EMDR glasses relax regularly and let the thoughts become clearer.

If there is a specific topic, however, it is advisable to carry out the planned self-help with EMDR and the REMSTIM 3000 on the basis of the 6 steps.

Try to define your topic as you like. As already mentioned above, this can be an idea, a situation, a thing or a specific picture.

Take what comes in your mind. Do not try to find a justification for what you see. An analysis of the cause is not necessary for the effectiveness of EMDR, even in self-application.

In some incriminating cases, the topic might be currently on the rise. Take it and go to the second step of self-coaching instruction with EMDR.


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