The Comprehensive Guide to EMDR Self-CoachingThe Comprehensive Guide to EMDR Self-Coaching

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2. Step of EMDR Self-Coaching: Determine Your Emotion

  • Do you feel something while you concentrate on your subject?
  • Which emotion do you feel?
  • Is it for example: Anger, resentment, outrage, annoyance, fear, anxiety, grief, loss, helplessness, powerlessness, surprise, confusion, “being in the wrong movie”, guilt, responsibility, shame, humiliation, insult, degradation, disgust, hatred, abhorrence, repugnance, “horror”, fatigue, thirst, hunger, inability to feel? Or another emotion?

The list represents a number of unpleasant emotions and does not claim to be complete.

Now estimate the extent of your subjective sensations:

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Helpful tips:

Determine your Emotions while you coach yourself with EMDR

After having chosen your issue, you look into yourself and try to find an emotion that goes along with your thoughts about it. Finding one’s own emotions and becoming aware of them is sometimes not easy. However, as EMDR is supposed to initiate processing of stressful emotions through its intervention in the 4th step of self-coaching, a clear focus is very helpful.

You can not make a mistake. Also follow the first impulse here. EMDR does the rest. Should there be more to it, you will experience new associations as part of the intervention with the REMSTIM 3000, which you can then easily follow. Therein lies a big advantage of EMDR: You work with what you will be offered at this moment.

If any of the listed emotions does not seem appropriate to you, because it does not adequately describe your perceived emotion, then just work with the idea of what you emotionally experience and move on to the third step of the EMDR self-coaching tutorial.

Even a non-feeling of any emotions or a lack of emotion is of course acceptable. Just take this emotional void and move on to the third step.

On the scale of -10 to +10 you can determine the extent of your subjective disturbance or well-being. But beware: The numbers from -10 to -6 are a warning. Because if you estimate the extent of your exposure in this range of values, it may be helpful as well as necessary to consult an EMDR Coach or EMDR therapist of your confidence. Because the topic seems to put a great strain on you, self-coaching with EMDR and the REMSTIM 3000 could be inadvisable. Please read the important information.

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