The Comprehensive Guide to EMDR Self-CoachingThe Comprehensive Guide to EMDR Self-Coaching

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Fields of application of EMDR coaching

fields of application of EMDR coachingThe rapid eye movement stimulation provided by REMSTIM 3000 and which serves as the base intervention of the EMDR method can result in mental and emotional relief in several different applications and increase performance and help prevent burnout.

It is primarily not about understanding and new kinds of self-awareness, but rather about “relaxing” the things experienced. Because often individuals find themselves in a dead end where advice and new ideas are more likely to seen as an additional burden and confusing.

But if the thoughts causing distress lose their emotional threat, often a sense of peace and serenity results. The end of brooding and thought loops can lead to a deep inner detachment. New solutions and alternatives then often appear as if on their own.

The REMSTIM 3000 makes it possible to provide fast, easy and accurate stimulation of rapid eye movement. It provides support in many cases.

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How Somatic Markers Affect Our Lives

How Somatic Markers Affect Our Lives

Somatic markers become noticeable with the help of bodily reactions of varying strengths. Often, a situation (external stimulus) will only cause goose bumps, while another will lead to great discomfort. Why is this? Obviously, the body energy of the somatic marker depends on the original emotional state of excitement during the specific experience. When acquiring a somatic marker that creates …

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