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Dissolving Mental Blocks with EMDR and REMSTIM 3000

Verringertes Leistungspotenzial durch ErfahrungenAlready from our first breath, we begin collecting experience. We begin learning incessantly for our later lives. Our brains store every experience. What we have learned in the past significantly influences our lives to such an extent that our experiences and our choices shape our behaviour every day. If people only experience positive things, then their performance potential would be almost inexhaustible thanks to these successful experiences. Hardly anything would scare them and few things would inspire fear. With each additional year, their power and drive would increase in those people who have been spared from negative experiences.

Most of us experience a somewhat different reality. Right from childhood, we are exposed to countless conflicts that flow into our emotional memory. Many stay with us for a lifetime and at the core of our being and capable of influencing our current self, even we are unconscious of these memories. The more our individual lives have been marked by negative experiences, the more they can prevent us from being successful. In these cases, we take decisions based on old, negative experiences that differ from the ones we would take without those mental traumas because we are programmed to provide ourselves the best protection possible. This is where somatic markers play a crucial role.

This protective function remembers strategies designed to avoid a repeat of the previous trauma. Over the years, anyone who has had to face the usual number of challenges will have come up with numerous avoidance strategies. These strategies remain active, even if the causative event happened only once in the past and the chances of its repeating are almost impossible. Unfortunately, the recurring use of avoidance strategies does not in most cases lead to the desired results. More often, they result in blocks to performance that can severely restrict the individual’s room to act and achieve success.

As a result, avoidance strategies increasingly dominate the daily routine and are labelled as one’s “comfort zone”. Performance blockages caused by worries before an exam, before flying, before a speech, or before a presentation are just examples. Separations, financial worries, and disappointments in life can also leave deep traces (scars) on one’s memories.

And every time we come close to a negative experience it weakens our performance potential. Different negative events combine to reinforce the stress we experience, further weakening us. Unprocessed traumas are heavier than success. It is important to understand that this is not the response of someone who is mentally ill, but the self-protection mechanisms of a healthy person.

Befreites Leistungspotenzial durch Erfahrungen
The goal is therefore to remove the blockages and liberate ourselves from debilitating memories. The REMSTIM 3000 uses the rapid eye movements known from the EMDR method to resolve these emotional patterns in many cases so that we can once again take full advantage of our performance potential.

REMSTIM 3000 helps you coping with stress, sorrow and emotional pressure
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