The Comprehensive Guide to EMDR Self-CoachingThe Comprehensive Guide to EMDR Self-Coaching

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Overcome Anxiety & Distress with EMDR Self-Coaching

Those who perceive their environment with anticipatory concern and at the same time expect distress are experiencing anxiety. Feeling, thinking and behavior is characterized by suspicion. Fears are sometimes more and sometimes less concrete. As it often is, the subjective interpretation of one’s own environment plays a crucial role in experiencing anxiety. It is not the things themselves but rather the thought of it that we fear.

Our personal attention is focused on concerns and potentially adverse consequences.

With growing feelings of anxiety, we visibly lose the ability to relax. Restlessness influences the mental and emotional state of those experiencing anxiety. The risk of generalizing increases. Worries are then transferred to other situations.

This is the time when it is important to put a stop to the surging tide of negative thoughts and feelings.

By using the Rapid Eye Movement Stimulation – the EMDR intervention – and the REMSTIM 3000, chains of thought perceived as threats can in many cases be stopped.

A new sense of reality can once again find its way into your world of thought, no matter whether it is regarding concerns about your financial situation, the gloomy outlook of a sobering future or a vague “evil” premonition.

One’s emotional state often visibly improves, once the expectations causing a dismal outlook on the future are stopped.

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Why Estimating Our Stress Level is Important

I admit that the question: “To what extent do you feel affected by the subject now?” is one that sounds somewhat stilted. But since this question is supposed to be precise, this formulation has in fact proven its worth. This alone increases participants’ attention. I could also formulate the question in the following way: “How high is your current level …

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Self-Coaching or Coaching with a Coach – How to Decide?

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Without a doubt, rapid eye movement is the key element of the EMDR method

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Without a doubt, rapid eye movement is the key element of the EMDR method EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) is an extremely effective method which is used in therapy as well as in coaching. The crucial key element of the method is the processing of stressful memories through rapid eye movements. Stimulation by auditory stimuli or touching of the …

REMSTIM 3000 helps you coping with stress, sorrow and emotional pressure
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