The Comprehensive Guide to EMDR Self-CoachingThe Comprehensive Guide to EMDR Self-Coaching

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Reduce Stress & Burdens from Everyday Life with EMDR Self-Coaching

Essentially, stress is not a bad thing. If we are in acute danger, our body’s stress response puts us in the correct mode without even thinking. We are automatically put in a position to meet the increasing demands of the situation. Our muscles are prepared to immediately perform necessary actions and our attention is focused on the perceived threat. We try to protect ourselves by all means.

So far so good!

It begins to become a problem, however, when our stress readiness responds to non-specific demands of everyday occurrences. This leads to the risk of the mind and body constantly being in a state of increased alertness and preparedness. The stressed person therefore does not experience the emotional or mental rest or relaxation required, among other things, for regeneration.

The typical and natural abreaction of stress – as it occurs in specific situations of processing (defensive) actions – is absent.

Thus the modern person is increasingly burdened with psychological stresses. The modern world, in particular, takes a heavy toll on people. The ever-ready hard worker is often constantly energized. Personal attitudes and expectations have a significant impact on our perception of stress. They can also lead to the feeling of excessive stress in the first place.

We consider numerous phenomena today to be causes of stress: Anxiety and distress can afflict us just like conflict and the constant pressure to make decisions. Self-doubt is a frequently observed stressor as well as worrying about passing an exam, successfully making a presentation or speaking freely in front of a group of people.

Excessive stress can – especially in your professional life – have different consequences. Creativity is reduced. Solutions that should help to relieve us and are urgently needed, remain hidden. Decisions are, if at all, made reluctantly.

And once you thought that it could not get worse, you ultimately become aware of how each new task, no matter how small, increases your level of stress.

With the help of Rapid Eye Movement Stimulation, which has been employed since the early ’90s as an intervention using the EMDR method involving rapid eye movements, there is the opportunity to noticeably reduce feelings of excitement and commotion. In addition, the regular use of the REMSTIM 3000 will help you open a path to greater serenity.

There is no reason to have to endure excitement and commotion for more than a moment. You do not need more than just this moment to recognize what you are experiencing. After this moment, the choice is yours.

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