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Information about the coin-cell battery of the REMSTIM 3000

coin-cell battery for EMDR-device REMSTIM 3000Thanks to its design (electronics, chip, LEDs etc.) the REMSTIM 3000 EMDR glasses require very little energy during operation, so that only one small commercially available coin-cell battery is necessary.

The amount of power used by a coin-cell battery is much lower than that of a conventional battery in a mobile phone. On no account is any form of transmission or reception as in a mobile phone possible with the REMSTIM 3000.

Coin-cell batteries of this type are regularly used in wristwatches.

The EMDR device REMSTIM 3000 is powered by a single 3 V 70 mAh coin-cell battery, a quality product of a brand company.

The coin-cell battery holder and the coin-cell battery are easily accessible for quick change of the coin-cell battery.

button battery for EMDR-device REMSTIM 3000If the manufacturer’s instructions are observed in the use and handling of the sealed lithium coin-cells, these are not harmful or dangerous. Unless there is some sort of hypersensitivity against certain substances (allergic reactions), skin contact with the lithium coin-cells is harmless.

When replacing the coin-cell battery the skin contact simultaneously with two poles will not be noticeable and is harmless. If the coin-cell battery is inserted properly in the coin-cell battery holder, the simultaneous skin contact with both poles is also not possible.

Important: Keep coin-cell batteries out of the reach of children as they can easily swallow them.

Please also read the Notice pursuant to German Battery Act (BattG).

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