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Notice regarding disposal of old appliances and electronic scrap (ElektroG)

From March 2006 onwards, old devices may no longer be disposed of with household garbage as per the Electrical and Electronic Equipment Act (ElektroG). This not only includes the typical electrical appliances such as televisions, washing machines or refrigerators, but also video games, speakers, computers, laptops, MP3 players, peripherals, printers, telephones, electric-powered children’s toys or other electric-powered old devices. These devices can be recognised through the symbol of a “crossed-out garbage can”. The symbol can be found on the equipment or packaging. The electronic scrap can be given free of cost to municipal collection points. Your municipal waste management or the consumer centres can give you information on the exact location of the collection points.

In addition you can find this information in the accompanying documents (operating instructions) of the remstim 3000.

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