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Technical Details for REMSTIM 3000

The REMSTIM 3000 was developed specifically for the use of EMDR in self-coaching and the associated Rapid Eye Movement Stimulation. The self-coaching glasses are handmade in Germany. The balance of its functions, the individual settings and their ease of use make the REMSTIM 3000 an effective and proven self-coaching tool.

Due to its compact and lightweight design, it is perfectly suitable for use while on the go. The small professional tool for self-coaching via Rapid Eye Movement Stimulation weighs less than 100 g including the battery.

The chip-based electronics of the REMSTIM 3000 are stored in an elegantly shaped housing and therefore do not require a cable or any additional control elements.

Since personal eye movement flexibility varies among users, the stimulation parameters can be individually adjusted. The previously used setting for the stimulation parameters is always automatically stored by the device for the next application.

Micro LEDs generate a delicate light pulse, which guides the movement of each eye individually but also coordinated during the application in a controlled manner. The 2 x 3 vertically arranged LEDs signalize the beginning and end of a 30-second application. For more information refer to the REMSTIM 3000 manual.

The light signal, which gently stimulates the movements of the eye while running in a horizontal direction, can be quickly and easily regulated during the application with respect to displacement of the eye and the speed of stimulation by means of two buttons to ensure personal comfort and optimal effectiveness of the stimulation effects. The selection of the light’s color and brightness was given special attention, in order to make the visual stimulus as beneficial and enjoyable as possible.

Please also read this important information.

  • remstim® is a legally protected and registered trademark
  • the technology of REMSTIM 3000 is legally protected and registered under DE 202010014816.2
  • WEEE-Reg.-Nr. DE 83662464
REMSTIM 3000 helps you coping with stress, sorrow and emotional pressure
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