The Comprehensive Guide to EMDR Self-CoachingThe Comprehensive Guide to EMDR Self-Coaching

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Self-Coaching or Coaching with a Coach – How to Decide?

Self-Coaching or Coaching with a Coach - How to Decide?Those who wish to free themselves from negative emotions and stressful thoughts usually choose one of two options; either seeking help from a third party or trying to help themselves.

Whoever decides to visit a coach has taken the first approach and sought advice from an outsider. Those who decide upon self-coaching would like to free themselves from an unfortunate situation. Whichever way they choose, it is usually accompanied by the desire for immediacy. Whoever has made the decision to change something usually wants that change to appear directly, and why would they want to wait?

With self-coaching, there is no need to wait. When using a coach for the first time, the same is not true. Now is the time to answer some specific questions:

Questions regarding use of a coach:
  • Who can help me?
  • Do I know a coach, or someone who can recommend a coach to me?
  • Is this coach suitable for my needs?
  • Am I, at this moment, able to reach my coach, and do they have time for me now?
  • How long do I have to wait for an appointment with my coach?
  • How long do I want to wait for an appointment? What will it mean for me if I have to wait days or even weeks for an appointment with my coach?

Those who have found the right coach for themselves and their personal concerns, someone who can offer appointments promptly, have found the right contact person. For some topics, the professional “top view” of a coach or a therapist is of course highly recommendable, and perhaps even unavoidable.

Our everyday sensitivities are particularly suitable for self-coaching.

It is, however, often the small and recurring stresses and strains of everyday life that are the cause of our problems, but those which we do not think to be sufficiently explosive to talk about with a coach, spending money on them. What a pity this is, because it is precisely these small topics that affect our daily being. It is particularly worthwhile here to effect a positive influence with self-coaching.

In such cases, EMDR self-coaching is an excellent way to work on such a topic, in a short time, in a self-coaching meeting. We do not have to wait, and can get involved immediately and authentically.

With the help of the EMDR Glasses REMSTIM 3000, 2-3 applications lasting 30 seconds each often help to open oneself up to a new point of view, and thus to soothe and rearrange one’s own emotions. And one must think, what is one and a half minutes of “guided eye training” compared to a whole day spent in a bad mood?

Naturally, some questions follow with self-coaching. Anyone who wants to coach themselves may want to answer the following questions:

Questions regarding self-coaching:
  • Is it my own decision to coach myself on this topic?
  • Am I currently resilient enough to endure any additional burdens which may occur while coaching myself on this topic?
  • Do I feel that I am in a mentally and emotionally stable state?
  • Would I like to work on the stressful topic alone in an EMDR self-coaching session, without professional help from a coach or therapist?

Ultimately, we must not forget that use of EMDR in the past has often shown that the method can bring about long-term positive changes in us. According to the functional EMDR model, even the smallest traumas from the past, which often unfortunately manifest themselves in stressful states of mind, can be tackled and resolved. Our own fears of everyday life can, in many cases, be reduced, and the resulting barriers to action can finally be broken down. New paths then usually open up by themselves. (see also: ‘Stimulation Effects of EMDR’)

To summarise: regular self-coaching with EMDR cares for and strengthens our emotional and mental constitution in a noticeable way, and what gets ‘stuck’ can be discussed at a special appointment with your personal coach!

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