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Sleep like a Baby – Ultra-Short-Term Self-Coaching with EMDR

How to prepare oneself for a restful night with EMDR, using ultra-short time self-coaching.

Sleep like a Baby - Ultra-Short-Term Self-Coaching with EMDRI am lying in my bed; I have gone to sleep. It was a long and eventful day: 2 coaching sessions, 1 therapy session with a new client over 2 hours, with a moving topic. In the afternoon, a 1:1 intensive workshop followed. Afterwards, I wanted to pick up my car from the garage. This would be in vain however, as it had not been finished due to an unexpected problem requiring further repair. Damn! Trouble again. No car, more costs and less time, because I had to go home by public transport, and I’ll have to do that again tomorrow to get back to the practice. I will have to postpone some of the errands I wanted to do this morning, or convince my dear wife to take some of them over. Fortunately, she is already in a deep sleep, and so I am no longer tempted to discuss this with her, and so I put my EMDR glasses on my nose.

People often ask whether it is always necessary to follow the 6 steps of EMDR self-coaching in order to work with the EMDR Glasses REMSTIM 3000. I always answer: no, well, not always! It depends.

The 6 steps are very helpful for clearly defined topics, concise situations and especially for emotionally stressful memories. This is so that we can capture the relevant experience cognitively, emotionally and physically in the best possible way, so that we can immediately initiate the fast eye movements with the EMDR glasses (step 4 of the EMDR self-coaching process), and in most cases several times in a row until the best possible result is achieved.

In addition, I regularly use the REMSTIM 3000 myself to prepare for a restful night’s sleep. I do it as soon as I lie down in bed, just before I close my eyes. I do not strictly follow the 6 steps. Instead, I simply put on the EMDR glasses, enjoy the darkening that occurs when I put them on, and start using them.

Take what is being offered: this can be nothing at all!

Sleep like a Baby - Ultra-Short-Term Self-Coaching with EMDR

I will review my day. I am thinking of my hurried morning; my second coaching session and the following therapy session, and how the topic was very close to me. I feel some sadness, a normal reaction of compassion.

I start with the glasses for the first time, late this evening. The setting of my last application is of course stored (as is usual with the device): penultimate deflection, highest speed. My eyes follow the light pulse for 30 seconds in a fast back and forth motion. It ends, and I inhale deeply. My sadness gives way to the joy of being able to help a person in a particularly challenging life situation again. I keep this feeling with me, go on with it and start with the glasses again. On my first impulse, the memory of today’s 1:1 workshop comes into focus and then disappears immediately. Obviously, there is nothing to report, and my mood is stable. It ends, and I breathe deeply. I’m almost about to take the EMDR device off my nose when I see myself in the garage; angry and yet friendly towards the mechanic. He can’t help it, can he? I don’t like the balancing act of offering the outside world a false picture of my mood. I start with my glasses and consciously breathe calmly and regularly. After 30 seconds, I feel noticeably proud, because I know that the balancing act was useful, as it is not usually helpful to immediately communicate one’s unfiltered feelings to another person. Some time and distance, bridged by a mask of astonishment and helplessness, often give me the necessary delay in order to adjust to my interlocutor and choose the right strategy. This is what I think now. But, my body memory still signals a weak feeling of defeat. Something very discreet. Why? I don’t know; but it’s not important either. I take it and go with it. I press the start button of the glasses twice again, and after that I feel relief in my stomach. I am suddenly pleased that they worked so thoroughly and found the fault with the car, and that consequently, it won’t break down unexpectedly. I yawn, and feel a great sense of tiredness coming over me.

I put the glasses on the bedside table and close my eyes. Good night!

I recommend using the EMDR Glasses REMSTIM 3000 just before going to sleep, when you are already in bed. Especially for the smallest topics, which regularly affect a good night’s sleep. But even if nothing is consciously going around our heads, we prepare our brains for a quiet night by reducing inner (unconscious) conflicts and calming emotional memories, or simply arranging what we have experienced during the day. A restful, deep night’s sleep, with numerous REM phases, simply does us a great deal of good. We feel fantastic in the morning!

Sleep like a Baby - Ultra-Short-Term Self-Coaching with EMDRAt the same time, when we pause for a moment, we sharpen our eyes towards our own sore points, which often appear in the recurring nothingness of everyday life. These things afflict us, although they should not really matter to us because of their “triviality”. Obviously, however, they are not trivial. This is where wonderful topics arise for our regular EMDR self coaching sessions or guided coaching sessions, in which we can consciously address these special topics.

My recommendation is to brush your teeth every evening before going to bed and, with the help of the EMDR Glasses REMSTIM 3000, get yourself into a pleasant mental and emotional state before closing your eyes.

Ultra-short self-coaching can (but does not have to) take place shortly before the eyes close. Every moment that offers some peace is a good opportunity.

Just lay or sit down, put on your glasses, and off you go. Whether you think of something before or not is unimportant in ultra-short time self-coaching. Let the EMDR intervention work in the form of visual bilateral hemisphere stimulation. Start the REMSTIM 3000 EMDR glasses 3-4 times in a row, and observe what is going on inside you. Generally more calm and serenity is achieved after this short period of time. Just see what happens. After a short break you can, if you feel like it, do another 3-4 sets with the glasses. That should be enough!

Should a larger topic appear or be initiated, please save this for a comprehensive EMDR self-coaching session, according to the instructions given for the 6 steps. Do not go into it further if time is insufficient.

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